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I’m a proud mother of four. Eleanor (10), Sadie, (8), Avery (7) and Alice (5). They all attend West Bloomfield Public Schools and participate in community teams. Making the world a safer and more just place for them is one of biggest reasons I’m running. My husband Ben and I have been married for 12 years.


I was born, raised and remain a practicing Unitarian Universalist. Through my spiritual life, I’ve learned the importance of serving people in need and speaking up I see when things are wrong. These are important values I’m proud to be passing on to my kids.


I have over a decade of experience in healthcare, patient advocacy and public health. So yes, I have a lot of letters after my name. (RN, BSN, CCM) In 2015, I started HPS Consulting, LLC (, a business that makes sure health care organizations meet quality and patient safety expectations. I also work as a nurse consultant with Feinberg Consulting (, a case management firm that helps those who are catastrophically injured in auto accidents.


I believe in economic justice for all. I support universal healthcare. I believe the government’s job is to create a positive industry and business environment while protecting citizens and our environment. I support maintaining a woman’s right to choose what she does with her own body.I believe in civil rights, LGBT rights, worker's rights and immigrant rights. I believe protest is patriotic. I believe our best days are ahead of us. And those are some of the reason why I am proud to call myself a Democrat!

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Please reach out to me with you concerns about our state and how I can help you and your family. We read and respond to every email and I value your thoughts and opinions. 

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