The Backlash to Betsy DeVos' Disastrous Education Legacy May Drive a Massive Blue Wave on Her Home Turf

It’s increasingly clear that if the November midterm elections are to produce a “Blue Wave” for the Democratic Party, then many of the wins will need to come in Midwestern states that Trump carried in the 2016 presidential election. But what’s less well understood is that an issue helping Democratic candidates compete in the region is education. In the stomping ground of U.S. Secretary Betsy DeVos—including her home state of Michigan as well as the surrounding states of Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinois and nearby Minnesota—Democratic candidates are getting an edge by sharply opposing the DeVos agenda of privatizing public schools.

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Obama endorses Whitmer, Slotkin, Stevens, other Mich. Dems

“The Democratic Party has always made the biggest difference in the lives of the American people when we lead with conviction, principle, and bold, new ideas,” Obama said in a statement. “Our incredible array of candidates up and down the ticket, all across the country, make up a movement of citizens who are younger, more diverse, more female than ever before,”

Obama jumped into the mid-term election on Aug. 1, announcing an initial wave of Democrats he was backing, and he campaigned for congressional candidates in California last month.

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