The State of The State

On Tuesday, I watched Governor Snyder’s State of the State address, hoping to hear some concrete plans from our state’s chief executive about how to improve our daily lives and turn Michigan around. I was disappointed, though not surprised, to instead hear the same tired lines that fail to acknowledge the serious problems facing our state.

The problems all of us see in our communities, including crumbling infrastructure and poorly-funded mental health and substance-abuse programs, went unaddressed. Nowhere in his speech was any recognition or answer to the millions of Michiganders with inadequate or prohibitively-expensive healthcare coverage.

In particular, Snyder spoke about his signature failure -- the poisoning of Flint that continues to this day -- as if it were a crisis of the past over which we have triumphed. There is still so much that needs to be done to make that community whole – a community he tore apart through neglect.

Michigan is suffering, and Snyder spent the night patting himself on the back.

Snyder’s administration and other Lansing Republicans are out of touch and out of time. We cannot afford to continue to neglect the 99% in favor of policies that amount to corporate welfare. Michigan is ready for new leadership and innovative ideas, from my #MIPublicOption healthcare plan to smarter and progressive solutions to Michigan’s skills gap. If we all work together and vote for our values this year, we can make sure that 2020’s State of the State address is a record of how we put Michigan back on the right track.

The Guerrilla Politic, llc