Senate Candidate Pulver Condemns Appalling Comments

Recently there have been social media posts, which were apparently a response to Judge Aquilina's handling of the Larry Nassar sentencing hearing, racist postings advocating white supremacy and even posts defending pedophilia, made by someone seeking to represent our district. These statements are beyond vile, offensive, and not representative of the people of Michigan's 15th Senate District. This kind of rhetoric cannot be ignored. It must be called out for what it is, disgusting, and the person who holds these stances must never be allowed to represent the diverse, hard-working families and citizens of this district.

I will always stand up for those without a voice and protect them from anyone seeking to do them any harm. Like my neighbors in the district, I believe in equality. Statements that casually refer to women, children, and people of color in a derogatory manner reveal a worldview that does not value equality. Those ugly sentiments put into practice and policy would do real harm to our community. I will not allow that to happen. 

While's it's easy to focus so much attention on bringing to light these abhorrent statements, it must also not deter us from focusing on the many other issues faced every day by people in the 15th District. I will continue to focus on solutions to ensure everyone has access to great medical care, education and training for high paying jobs, and real, long-term solutions to our crumbling infrastructure.

Julia Pulver