I stand with student activists because....I was one, and I'm raising the next generation of them.

Progressive change has always come from the youth of this country. Young people have the idealism, tenacity and frankly, optimism to think that a better country is possible. They have the guts to say "That's wrong and we won't stand for it!" From anti-war activists, to civil rights, women's rights, and LGBT rights, young people have fought and won so many victories. Now, the young people in our country are saying "Enough!" They are tired of living in constant fear, and they are sick of waiting for the adults around them to do something about it. They're taking charge against gun violence, and I am so proud of every single young person who is using their new found voice to fight for a safer America for all of us. 

Young people lead the charge, and we older people would be smart to listen to them.

Young people can also learn from our example, and as the adults, we owe them a safer world. We owe it to them to protect them from gun violence.  

I'm also raising the next generation of student activists. My children have been taught the mantra that "silence is acceptance, SO SPEAK UP!" The Pulver kids, though in elementary school, are learning early that they have a voice, and that their voice matters. We stand with all the students who will be exercising their First Amendment rights on Wednesday, March 14, 2018 in protest of our country's dangerous, irresponsible and life-threatening gun laws, when they choose to stage a walkout from their high schools, from coast to coast.

You are on the right side of history, and will one day look back on this as the start of YOUR path to social justice, advocacy and perhaps even public office.

I stand with you, dear students, and I will always have your back.