Arm our teachers with Resources and Respect, not Guns! Oppose Rep. Runestad's proposal to bring guns into schools.

Teachers should be armed with books, classroom supplies, teaching aides, paraprofessionals, and the support they tell us they need in order to teach our children, not put in an untested situation of playing sharpshooter in the event of a school shooting. Yet Rep. Runestad introduced a bill that would allow for guns in our schools, with the expectation that teachers take on the additional responsibility of being armed guards in an active shooter situation .

This is an untested theory, one that I do not wish to test on my children or yours.

There is zero evidence to support the theory that more guns in a location makes that place any safer. There is also no indication that a loaded firearm, locked in an undisclosed location in a classroom would provide educators the ability to act to defend their students against a school shooter.

Teachers are clear about what they need in order to do their jobs, and it's not guns. If Lansing is able to come up with money to arm our teachers with guns, train them to use them, and pay for bio-ID storage for those firearms, then why won't they pay them the wages they deserve? Why won't they fund the retirements they deserve for teaching our children? Lansing Republicans already expect teachers to add the role of counselor, social worker, and nurse to their duties rather than hiring additional professionals in the schools to help our children develop. Now they want to add the role of a professional sharpshooter.

Lansing Republicans want to put more guns among our children in school rather than make it harder for people to purchase weapons of war. I am here to tell you this is WRONG! Let's send a message to Rep. Runestad and Lansing Republicans that teachers should not be armed with guns but with RESPECT and RESOURCES!

Our schools should not become combat zones. Our children do not come to school to test out unproven theories of the gun lobby's talking points.

Sign HERE to add your name to this petition opposing Rep. Runestad's bill proposing to allow guns in schools.